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Audience is a musician’s lifeblood. It takes a large and loyal enough fan base to make a musician’s career. Attracting that audience is step one.

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This is where you need to connect, through your music, personal story, images, videos and interactions. Consistently engaging with your audience builds loyalty.

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You’ve reached the promised land! By the logic Kevin Kelly’s “1000 True Fans” this is critical mass of people to buy enough of your produce that sustain you as a full time musician.

Why do I do this?

Quote from Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead"
"I do not build in order to have clients I have clients in order to build"

When I grew up in the 90’s there was no internet in my house, my parents wouldn't let me watch the T.V. and craving stimulation our letterbox became my saving grace. There was rarely any post for me but, once every month a big brown envelope would arrive and I was allowed to open it. The golden magazine that came inside was inside the National Geographic. This magazine gave me a passion for the visual image and I have worked hard to build my career around the still image since then. I have the privilege of working with some of the Irelands musical talent and, distribute their to images a their audience.

  • I have developed unique capabilities as a photographer to not only use my camera, but contextualize the work with, and in, other fields of expertise. In 2006 I first studied photography to diploma level. I then complemented this with a degree in philosophy and sociology which has broadened my worldview to the extent that I can see where the intersections between my subjects and studies lie. Having also worked as a flight attendant for three years in the Middle East (Abu Dhabi), I've traveled the world and worked with; and for, people of diverse and varied cultural backgrounds, including a Klingons on some occasion. My financial savings from this job have allowed me to accumulate enough equipment and expertise to return to Ireland and start this business. The scenic route that I took working as a photographer has left its imprint on my style and to this day I obsess over the production of captivating images.

  • As is the case with music, my photography is only commercially effective if it is brought to the attention of the right people. With an up to date qualification in Digital Communications for Enterprise I am certified in the best practices for online content distribution.

  • A skill set only counts if it is used. The third part of my production mix is the time and effort I put into projects. My media production and distribution services work simply because I work, its as simple as that.


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