Diary of a Marketing Intern week 13

I am now aiming to also make the Hear One album a larger scale publication and to do this I know that I will have to find an adequate source of funding. There is a crowdfunding platform which we had learned about in the Market Branding and Audience module called “Kickstarter” which I see as a suitable source at the moment and plan to go ahead with a publication campaign on it.
Tom has told me that the agency would be happy to assist me with the project and the agency would provide production of the required video. I am currently in a research period of making this book into a higher volume publication. This process should take a couple of months and all going well I will have the means to repeat that process making it an annual product which I would release each year for the Christmas market.
Within any successful Kickstarter project, there is the element of gifts which are given to a project’s backers. The framed prints that I discussed earlier would be ideal for this purpose.

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