The Chris Haze Story

I started playing guitar in 2011 when I was living in a house with a couple of mates, one of them happened to be a producer and the other one used to be playing the guitar. That guitar was something I was always very interested in and watching him do it all the time was just making me jealous. So I ended up taking the thing and started learning chords on You Tube.

I take a lot of my songwriting inspiration from just the world itself, everything that’s going on, everyday life. One song I wrote was called “on the road” was just written on a journey from Galway to Dublin and the whole thing was inspired just on a Go bus. For instance, the line “Feel the world as I press the keys” was just literally from me typing on a laptop. A small insignificant Journey can be a whole lot if the inspiration is there behind it.

The Irish music industry is tuff. As an independent and unsigned artist, trying to do everything yourself, it’s really tuff. To get your foot in the door of the major corporations, the companies, radio stations, magazines and the newspapers you really have to do your research, and, you really have to show these people that you’re serious. I’ve been turned away and laughed at, but, I’ve continued and pushed. Now I’m at the stage where I have these people’s personal emails and phone numbers.
It’s like anywhere else you need to make connections, make traction and start getting your foot in the door. I’m at the stage finally where I’m starting to get the support from radio stations and magazines. It took quite a lot, a long time, persistence and wrecking people’s heads to get to the stage where I’m able to call the head of music at a radio station and say listen, here’s a new song I’m putting out, please check it out. I wouldn’t imagine that’s different from anywhere else, you have to prove to people that you’re worth their time and you have to prove that you’re serious about what you’re doing, otherwise they will not take you seriously, they won’t look at you twice and they won’t reply to your emails.


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