Wairweland’s Story

It started off we were in college me and Sean said do ye know what we’ll start a two piece. It was good and we were a bit awful. Then one time we were doing a gig in college and Adam couldn’t get into the gig because he was too young so the college said we’ll do an underage gig, and Jordan said do ye know what we’ll get Adam, Dave and Sean to jump in as well and we did that gig together as a four piece. I knew Ian, me and him were in a marching band together so that’s where Wairweland was formed.

As far as our band name goes we started out as “In Focus” but we were told that that was a bit boybandy so we changed it to the empire. That was the worst decision that we ever made because…Starwars! It ruined us and everything you could Google just wasn’t us. So we needed to sort that out.

So the third intervention on the name was kind of like we had to sort this out and get something that nobody knows and that we wouldn’t have to change again. So we went to dave and started picking the name. We got there at about five o’clock and finished picking at about 6 o’clock in the morning. I think it was Sean that thought of “where we land” and then Dave’s dyslexic so we got him to spell it haha, and that’s where the name came from. We gave it what we call Dave’s unique sauce, and yeah that’s how it came about.

We all like different genres of music. I mean I love acoustic stuff Jordan loves blues, Bailey loves Greenday and big band stuff. Alan likes, well, Alan’s weird he likes Slipknot and Michael Bublé but we all bring something different which makes our sound unique.

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