The Bedbuggz story

Three of us went to college in Balleyfermot College studying a Rock music course. We were all in separate bands and decided to form one together. Me and Tom have known each other since we were ten from, ye know trying to buy cans of Dutch in Dunnes and things like that haha.

We came up with our name sitting in Fibbers one night brainstorming. And, well I think we can’t exactly tell where the name comes from because we were in Fibbers it’s like the black hole of Dublin. We’ve been contemplating changing it now and again but there’s something about it that makes it very heart warming. It’s silly like our personalities but we like that it’s characteristic of the band.

The way we write our songs, I’d usually think of a chorus or like a catchy melody, but that’s not a complete song I would bring it to the lads and say “do what you will with that”. So I just play the guitar and sing and then with the lads adding different rhythms and different lyrics come about so it becomes like a jigsaw and we just put it together.

The E.P.’s got a funny name “Crunchy water”, ye see Thomas doesn’t eat vegetables, and we were going through vegetables with him and we got to cucumber and he’s was just like “go away with that, they’re only crunchy water!” That’s why there’s a cucumber on the front of the album. We spent days trying to find the perfect cucumber. If you could see the messages back and forth you’d just see loads of cucumbers with messages like “is this the right size”. Ryan was actually quite proud of his cucumber it had a nice curve on it. The rest of them just looked like pickles. we like the story behind the EP it was better than calling it “Sunset Moon” or something like that.

To us as a group success is paying a gig and hearing people singing our songs. Its nothing to do with getting played on the radio loads and getting hits and all its just there’s a feeling that you get when you see other people whether it be thousands or ten people there’s a feeling that you get when they appreciate what you’ve been doing and singing your own songs back to you that we’ve all written together. Influencing those people, I think that’s the best feeling that I’ve ever had, and if they could be bopping along listening to us in the car then even better.

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